At Excellence Assisted Living, the focus is on giving seniors the tools they need to thrive. When you or your loved one come to this facility, you’ll find plenty of events, activities, and services to make sure that happens.

Excellence Assisted Living has partnered with Orlando Senior Health to provide onsite senior rehabilitation services.

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What You Need to Know About Excellence Assisted Living and Senior Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation services are extremely important for seniors. Whether they’ve sustained a fall, are dealing with an illness, or are recovering from a surgical procedure, help is needed to ensure they make a full recovery.

About the Rehabilitation Services Provided by Towers Outpatient Services

Why did Excellence decide to partner with Orlando Senior Health’s Towers Outpatient Service Department? For one thing, the business is certified – and so are the people who provide the rehab services.

Another reason is because the Towers have a impeccable reputation in and around Orlando for treating seniors with dignity and respect, and providing optimal individualized care. They are also committed to using the best equipment and techniques for achieving positive results.

The onsite rehab center at Excellence Assisted Living is stocked with the latest state-of-the-art equipment, which is another reason why this is such a great partnership.

How the Rehabilitation Program Works

When a resident of Excellence Assisted Living needs rehabilitation services, they’ll receive a note (or prescription for the service) from their doctor. Once the rehab clinic is in possession of the note, they’ll set up an appointment for the senior to get the necessary services.

The rehab provider will then come to Excellence to perform the service – the patient doesn’t have to do any unnecessary traveling. An added bonus: the services are provided at no charge to Excellence residents.

Benefits of Rehabilitation for Seniors: Why This New Service is Such a Great Idea

You’ve probably heard about rehab services for people who’ve had a stroke or some sort of injury. These services have actually proven to be life changing for the people who’ve received them.

That’s why the idea of offering onsite rehabilitation at an Orlando assisted living facility is such a great one.

Rehabilitation services help the following patients:

  • Those who need round-the-clock care.
  • Patients who need physical therapy after a stroke, heart attack, or other illness.
  • Residents who need assistance after a fall. Whether they’ve broken a hip, a leg, or an arm – therapy can help them recover faster and more fully.

Excellence Assisted Living – Providing Only the Best for Orlando Seniors

The care providers at Excellence Assisted Living are committed to their residents’ health and happiness. They don’t just want to provide seniors with a place to stay – they want to provide them with a home where they can grow and be truly happy.

With plenty of social events and interactions, as well as classes and activities, seniors at this Orlando assisted living facility thrive.