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Honor Your Grandparents on National Grandparents’ Day

On the first Sunday after Labor Day, the country celebrates some of its most valued members of society – grandparents.

While Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are widely recognized and celebrated, Grandparents’ Day isn’t always as commonly regarded, even though it was officially recognized as a national holiday by President Carter in 1978.

You can change that, though! This year (and each year to follow), make Grandparents’ Day a special day for your grandma and grandpa. Not only do they deserve to be celebrated for what they’ve done for their family – they deserve to have a little fun!

Why Our Grandparents Are So Important

Grandparents are a special group of people. They have decades of life experience and wisdom. They give those close to them an immense amount of knowledge. And of course, grandparents are filled with unconditional love.

The love they have for their kids and grandkids is exceptional. Their warm embrace, kind words, or advice are like a cozy blanket – completely comforting.

A relationship with a grandparent is vital to children. Children have the protection of their parents, but with the protection of their grandparents, too, they feel even more secure in this world.

With all that they do for those in their family, grandparents certainly deserve to be loved, respected, honored, and yes – celebrated on National Grandparents’ Day.

Celebrating Grandparents’ Day with These Fun Grandparents’ Day Ideas

Show your grandparents just how much you love them with these Grandparents’ Days ideas. (If you have some Grandparents’ Day ideas of your own to share, we’d love to hear them!)

  • Give them a gift. We all love to get a thoughtful gift from time to time, and grandparents are no exception. The gift doesn’t have to be extravagant either. Just knowing it came from your heart will make your grandparents feel special.
  • Have your grandparents over and cook their favorite meal. There’s nothing like delicious food to bring back memories and make someone happy!
  • Create a “Why We Love Grandma & Grandpa” poster. This is a great project for the kids.
  • Put together a CD of your grandparents’ favorite songs. It will make for beautiful background music or for a fun dance party.
  • Write a short story with your grandparent as the main character or superhero.

Excellence Senior Living – Caring and Honoring Your Grandparents As Much As You Do

Some of the most special people in our lives are grandparents. At Excellence Senior Living, we recognize the importance of our senior residents and strive to show them the same honor, care, and respect that you show them.

Not only do we work hard to provide the best care and most beautiful facility, we encourage our seniors to stay active and have fun. That’s why we have regular special events and encourage family members to celebrate special occasions – like Grandparents’ Day – with their parents and grandparents.

On September 10, let’s all make this Grandparents’ Day the best one yet!

Would you like to know more about our fantastic senior programs? Contact us today to find out more or to schedule a tour of our care facility.

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