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Exercising for Seniors: You’re Never Too Old to For Exercise

Some people think that once you reach a certain age that you’re too old for certain things. For the most part, the whole idea of “age is just a number” fits. There’s really nothing holding people back from doing things once they hit their senior years, especially when those things benefit their health – like exercising.

Granted, you may not be able to do the hard core exercise of years ago, but there really is no such thing as being too old to exercise. In fact, exercising for seniors is a vital component for continued health and happiness as the years go by.

Exercising for Seniors – Why It’s So Important

In 2015, The New York Times reported on a study done by scientists at King’s College London and the University of Birmingham in England. The scientists evaluated the overall health (including cognitive health), strength, and endurance of adult cyclists. The ages of the cyclists ranged between 55 and 79.

The researchers found that the results were fairly stable across the board – the cyclists did not show their age. In fact, their results were actually comparable to that of younger adults than those who were closer in age but inactive.

Even the oldest cyclists had the same levels of reflexes, metabolic health, balance, and memory as younger people.

If you want to stay younger longer – both physically and mentally – exercise is key. Not only will it make you look and act younger, it will make you feel better overall and reduce your risk of getting sick and developing certain diseases.

Fun Exercises That Are Perfect for Seniors

Whether you’ve been active for years or you’ve just been bitten by the exercise bug, it’s important to choose exercises that are gentle on the body. Even younger folks have to be careful of the pressure they put on their joints and muscles.

Here are some of the best exercises for your body.

Besides staying safe, the most important thing to remember is to have fun. The more fun you make your exercise time, the more likely you’ll be to stick with it.

Excellence Senior Living Encourages Healthy Physical Activities

Exercising for seniors is extremely important to those of us at Excellence Senior Living. We recognize how vital exercise is for the health and happiness of all people, including seniors. That’s why we provide our residents with physical activity programs that are perfect for this age group.

In fact, exercise is such an important part of our lifestyle here at Excellence Senior Living that we offer personalized fitness programs for residents depending on their needs. Safety is always a priority, which is why our fitness programs are always supervised.

At Excellence Senior Living, we want to make sure you live a long, healthy life. For seniors, exercising is a great way to achieve that, and you can be sure we’ll do all we can to keep you active!

Would you like more information about the activities we provide at Excellence Senior Living? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and tour!

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