Aging is part of the natural cycle of life and all of us, at some point, are confronted with this reality. As an innovator and entrepreneur in the areas of human development and real estate, a vision was born to build communities for seniors “living with dignity and satisfaction in their maturity, active and socially connected, fully enjoying each day.” I thought about the number of parents and grandparents, who have fought throughout their lives to provide for their families, educate their subsequent generations and leave a legacy behind, and are now ready to pursue other fulfilling achievements. I imagined a place where the compassion and relationships among individuals would open possibilities to explore opportunities for continued personal development, which would motivate the individual to remain in that atmosphere.

The Excellence Senior Living idea arose, with the mission to “provide a stimulating and safe environment, with excellent hospitality services, personal care and development, aimed at the well-being and happiness of our residents in their mastery age.” I shared the vision with key partners, who soon identified themselves with it and joined this remarkable concept.

We enthusiastically invite you to visit our Excellence Senior Living communities, be it to become acquainted with this innovative concept or to become a future resident and enjoy some of the best days of your life.




We recognize and care for the dimensions of the body, soul and spirit, to promote a balanced life.


We believe that everyone should always grow using their talents, with the support of coaching and neuroscience tools.


We seek to understand the challenges of others, in order to provide quality service with passion.


We encourage the ability to decide and act independently in order to maintain personal dignity.


We promote the cultivation of personal and community relationships, to value the importance of life.


We apply principles of ethics, transparency and accountability toward residents and family members.